What Happens After Signing Home Loan Documents? – Home-Buying Process

Home Loan

When you sign your home loan documents, you start a new phase in the home-buying process. This critical step sets in motion a series of actions that lead up to you owning your home. Understanding what happens after these documents are signed is crucial. It involves loan processing, closing procedures, and post-closing responsibilities.  This guide … Read more

How Many Houses Can a Realtor Sell in a Year? The Magic Number


The real estate profession, bustling with activity and opportunities, often raises a compelling question: How many houses can a realtor sell in a year? This question isn’t merely for statistical curiosity; it’s a measure of a realtor’s effectiveness, market dynamics, and the success of their strategies. While the National Association of Realtors (NAR) suggests that … Read more

Rain Chains Or Downspouts: Which One Is Better

Rain Chains Or Downspouts: Which One Is Better

It was during a trip to Japan that I first encountered the beauty of rain chains. Having lived in homes with both downspouts and rain chains, I’ve had my fair share of experiences, and that sparked my quest to understand which is truly better. Now, I want to help you as well. The Verdict: What’s … Read more