What is a DP-3 Home Insurance Policy? Benefits of Choosing It Over DP-1 and DP-2?

Unlike the more basic DP1 and the intermediate DP2, this policy operates on an “open peril” basis. This means it covers all risks unless explicitly excluded by your insurer. Such a broad spectrum of protection provides peace of mind for property owners. A standout feature is its approach to claim payments. Unlike policies that consider … Read more

Myths Vs. Facts About Escrow and Insurance – Learn the Facts and Protect Your Assets

Myths Vs. Facts About Escrow and Insurance

In real estate, an escrow account is typically used by your mortgage lender to pay property taxes and home insurance premiums on your behalf. This account is funded by a portion of your monthly mortgage payment. Many homeowners believe they are locked into their home insurance policy for the duration of their mortgage. This is … Read more