Understanding Your Choices

Title insurance doesn’t have to be confusing. We clearly explain the types of coverage and help you choose the best option for you.

Title company searches all records back 60 years, tracing the ownership of your property. The Basic Policy protects you from hidden issues (Forgeries, Hidden Heirs, Fraud, Mistakes in Recording Legal Documents) and covers you up to the dollar amount of insurance provided by the policy. You pay for owner’s title insurance only one time – when you buy the property. The original premium is your only cost as long as you or your heirs own the property. There are no annual payments to keep your owner’s title insurance policy in force.

Coverage Overview

  • Someone else owns an interest in your land
  • Someone else has an easement on your land or other rights not listed on your property
  • You cannot obtain a loan or sell your land because of a defect in the title
The Enhanced Owner’s Policy provides a higher level of coverage than the Basic. The Enhanced Policy covers all title defects that the Basic covers, plus additional defects that may occur pre and post closing. The Enhanced Policy also includes built-in inflation protection, where the policy amount will increase by 10% each year for the first five years up to 150% of the original policy amount. See below for additional coverage provided by the Enhanced Owner’s Policy.

Coverage Overview

  • Your land has no actual vehicular and/or pedestrian access
  • A document in your title is forged after the policy date
  • Your policy amount increases 10% per year up to 150% to cover increases in your property’s value
  • Your home is damaged due to use by others of an easement on the land, even if the easement is listed in your property

Restrictive Covenant Violations

  • You are forced to move your home due to an existing violation of a restrictive covenant
  • You lose your land due to an existing restriction violation

Zoning and Subdivision Violations

  • You are unable to sell, build, mortgage, or lease your land due to a violation of subdivision law
  • You are forced to remove existing structures (except boundary walls or fences) due to lack of a prior building permit or zone violation
  • You are unable to use the property as a residence under existing zoning laws


  • You are forced to remove existing structures because they encroach onto your neighbor’s land
  • Your neighbor builds a structure (other than a wall or fence) that encroaches onto your property after policy
  • You cannot obtain a loan or sell your property because your neighbor’s structure encroaches onto your land