Real Estate Niche

Many real estate agents are concerned about painting themselves into a corner by working with only specific niches of customers. However, trying to please everyone can lead to pleasing no one! If you don’t show what makes you different as a realtor, you will blend in with every other middle-of-the-road agent in your area. How can you find the right real estate niche for you and your business?

Where You’re Located

Start by looking at your geographic area. If you want to be known for being a local expert, that’s the best place to start. When choosing this niche, remember that many other agents advertise themselves as “Baltimore’s Best Realtor,” so you might not stick out very much against the competition. If you want to emphasize your local expertise, you should also consider adding a couple of other real estate niches into the mix.

Who Your Customers Are

Do you love working with first-time home buyers? Is your skill set well-suited to seniors looking to age in place? If you have a great rapport and connection with a certain type of customer, that makes a great foundation for a real estate niche. If you invest time into working with the specific customers you’re looking for, you can expect more similar customers to be referred your way. 

What Type of Properties You Sell

Another profitable real estate niche is working with specific property types. If you’re an expert at selling waterfront homes or condos, specializing in those home types is a great way to establish yourself as a reliable expert. As with any geographic niche, you should round out this with a couple of other niches so that, if waterfront homes suddenly become in short supply, you won’t have too narrow of a focus. 

Your Experience

If you’re a seasoned expert, marketing your experience is a great way to attract clients. Don’t just say that you’ve worked in real estate for 25 years. Instead, explain how that 25 years of experience has given you insight into local buying patterns, resulted in fast closings or gotten great deals for first-time homebuyers. 

What Makes You Special

Finally, you can also focus on what makes you special. Are you persistent or particularly skilled at negotiation? Do you have a background in home décor and the ability to stage a home better than anyone else? Clients want to know what makes you different, and showcasing a few unique aspects of your personality can get the job done. 

Grow Your Real Estate Niche with Homeland Title & Escrow

Homeland Title & Escrow offers a broad range of title services, including complimentary consultations for first-time homebuyers. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (410) 544-6700.

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