Prospective home buyers do not like walking into an empty home. Instead, they want to envision themselves living in the space with the help of furniture, décor and accessories that make the room complete. Home staging is like a professional interior design makeover for your home before it’s on the market. Home staging, when done properly, will reduce the amount of time your home is on the market. When done improperly, it could sabotage a sale.


Home staging designs should be neutral and attractive and never overwhelming or bold. Think of a great staging job like a backup singer for a solo artist—it helps the star of the show, your home, to look great, but never steals the show from it. You should use simple textiles, décor and furniture and try to showcase the home and not your taste in throw pillows.

Fake Fruit

Creating a home that feels like it is lived in without actually having anyone living there is hard. However, the fastest way to repel prospective buyers is by stuffing the space with fake plants, flowers, fruit, television screens and mattresses. Fake items remind anyone viewing the home that the home staging is an illusion. Keep it real and use real plants or no plants at all. 

Closed Doors

Closing doors automatically is a hard habit to break, but it can ruin an otherwise-beautiful home staging design. Anyone viewing the home should be able to move through the space comfortably and easily without having to open or close doors. In some cases, buyers have missed entire sections of the home because they assumed a door led to a closet and not a staircase or bedroom. 

The Wrong Paint

Did you touch up your paint before putting your home on the market? If there are any chips, scuffs or marks on the walls, they will stick out like a sore thumb. You should also consider repainting your walls if they are painted any bold colors, like bright red or dark brown. An accent wall won’t distract from the beauty of your home, but an entire room painted dark purple might. 

Cluttered Surfaces

The 3-foot to 5-foot rule is used by many successful home stagers to avoid visual clutter in rooms. Any surfaces that are between 3-5 feet long should be completely free of clutter or any other decorations. A large dramatic vase on a small side table will disrupt the visual flow of the room and take buyers out of the moment. 

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