The Biggest Home Appraisal Myths

Home buyers and sellers often understand that a home appraisal is an important part of the purchasing process. However, there are many myths that could be damaging to your sale, purchase or finances. Do you believe any of these home … Read More

How Can Bargain Hunting for a Home Backfire?

Everyone loves a great deal. That’s why the newspapers come with coupons tucked in them and every major retailer offers steep discounts on Black Friday. However, a great bargain in the housing market is much harder to come by. The … Read More

Do Newly Constructed Homes Need Title Insurance?

At Homeland Title, we recommend title insurance for every home, whether it’s had 10 owners or zero. Why is title insurance important for newly constructed homes that have yet to have a single owner? Title Insurance 101 Title insurance protects … Read More

Could Home Staging Sabotage Your Sale?

Prospective home buyers do not like walking into an empty home. Instead, they want to envision themselves living in the space with the help of furniture, décor and accessories that make the room complete. Home staging is like a professional … Read More

7 Often-Forgotten Moving Day Essentials

Your move went smoothly, and all of the moving boxes are sitting in the living room of your new house. You wake up on the first morning in your new home and head downstairs to make a cup of coffee … Read More

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