Open Houses

The majority of real estate professionals invest time and effort into SEO, blogs and social media but neglect to nurture in-person relationships with clients and prospects. Open houses are one of the best ways to meet new people, form new relationships and create meaningful opportunities for your business. Avoid missed connections at the open houses you host with these simple tips.

Collect Contact Information Wisely

While putting out a paper sign-in sheet will collect information from many visitors, it won’t grab every name. Holding a raffle for a gift card or small prize is a great way to encourage more sign-ins and give accurate contact information. Draw a winner a few days after the open house and announce it on social media and by contacting the winner. Asking the winner to stop by your office to collect the prize is another good way to engage the prospect and make a connection.

Know Your Stuff

When you’re working with seasoned buyers and browsers, they’ve been through the song and dance of an open house before. If you’re working in an upscale market or selling to buyers who already own homes, you should do research on the property and the area to offer substantial information and not just what can be found on the Wikipedia page for the town. Understanding things like schools, flood zones and taxes for each property can help to showcase your expertise and lead to scheduling showings for clients at other properties you have listed. 

Tell Stories that Resonate

Visitors who are searching for the perfect home in a busy real estate market are attending countless open houses. In a fast-paced environment, you only get one chance to make a lasting impression. A good, brief presentation that includes memorable anecdotes about the property, the history of the building or the surrounding area will engage prospective buyers. More importantly, it will also leave a positive impression of you as a real estate agent in their mind. 

Read the Room

While you won’t necessarily knock it out of the park right off the bat, being able to gauge the interest level of every guest at your open house will ensure that you’re giving the right impression and not coming off as pushy. Greet every guest warmly and learn how to sense if they want a tour of the property or to wander on their own. 

Master Open Houses

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