Your move went smoothly, and all of the moving boxes are sitting in the living room of your new house. You wake up on the first morning in your new home and head downstairs to make a cup of coffee before unpacking—only you aren’t sure where the French press is, where the coffee beans are and where your favorite mug is. When organizing for a move, make sure that you don’t forget these moving day essentials!

Medications & Toiletries

The first things that you will need in your new home are toiletries (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc.) and any medications that you take. Any prescriptions and bathroom essentials should be packed in a clear Ziploc bag separate from all of the moving boxes so they can be spotted quickly.

Essential Documents

Always carry at least one form of government-issued identification on you during the moving process, especially if you will be renting a moving truck or equipment.

Sentimental Items of Value

If you have any items of jewelry or small family heirlooms, it is best to pack them in a separate bag or box that you will keep with you. Don’t load small, valuable and sentimental items onto a moving truck or van. Many times, small objects will go missing between point A and point B and stay missing or go undiscovered for years in the wrong box.

Cleaning Supplies

While your new home should be clean when you arrive on moving day, you will definitely want to clean up after the dusty boots of your movers walk through your dining room. Keep a broom, dustpan and vacuum in an easily-accessible location for quick clean-up.

A Marker and Box Cutter

A box cutter speeds up the unboxing process a great deal, and a marker can be used to mark off which boxes have been unpacked as you go. Keep empty boxes handy and use them to hold the moving supplies you won’t need anymore (bubble wrap, tissue papers, etc.) until you recycle them.


Most people won’t accidentally pack up a phone charger or laptop charger in a moving box, but the ones that do regret it. Always keep at least one charger in a purse or separate bag so you can find it easily mid-move or post-move.

Disposable Plates and Silverware

It’s a universally-acknowledged fact that you’ll spend moving day chowing down on pizza or Chinese food. However, that doesn’t mean you have to eat it right out of the carton. Keep paper plates and disposable cutlery handy just in case your nicer dishes aren’t easy to find.

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