Real Estate Marketing

Real estate remains an incredibly competitive industry, and setting yourself apart from other agents in your area is a necessity. Thankfully, the savviest real estate agents don’t need to reinvent the wheel to get awesome results. The best real estate marketing often involves putting a clever twist on a tried-and-true technique for fabulous results. 2019 is the perfect year to refresh your real estate marketing techniques.

Show and Don’t Tell

Instagram and many other social platforms lend themselves to more visuals and less text. A picture is worth a thousand words, and that saying rings particularly true when it comes to real estate marketing. Use professional photos from listings of exteriors, interior accents and slice-of-life shots to catch buyer and seller attention and get new leads.

Take Another Look at Your Business Card

Your business card is one of the most powerful real estate marketing tools in your arsenal. Every year, you should take a look at your business card and make sure it still matches who you are, the impression you want to give and your basic contact information. Avoid templates and create a business card that stands out against your competitors in some way, whether you utilize a different stock or pick a distinctive font. If you design a card that the recipient will be inclined to hold onto, you might be surprised how long it is kept. Many real estate agents get calls months or years after first handing out an attractive business card. 

Sell the Location and Not Just the Home

Since the ultimate goal of real estate marketing is to buy or sell a home, it’s easy to forget the things that make someone want to purchase—the area! In your marketing written copy, listings and postings, you should always highlight interesting things in the area that you’re selling. Anything from a fun annual festival to a farmers market could pique a buyer’s interest and turn into a valuable lead. 

Streamline Your Follow-Up

Many real estate agents struggle with follow-up during busy periods, but that’s when follow-up is most important. Create a sustainable follow-up routine and schedule the milestones for your clients. Most people need the services of a real estate agent more than once or twice, so remembering to send one-year anniversary cards and regular newsletters can go a long way. 

Master Real Estate Marketing

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